Which Minoxidil Brand is Best?

When it comes to hair loss, there is nothing some people wouldn’t do to treat it. I am sure most of you are familiar with hair loss causes by now. That is the first thing everyone search for, right? Knowing the cause is easier then treating the condition, though. God knows how many products some of us have tried just to see new hair growing on their scalp. Unlike the lucky ones, some of us couldn’t protect even the existing hair they had, not to mention growing new one. This is coming from a young woman who started losing her hair at 22. Anyway, what I want to do here is talk about the most common hair loss treatments people turn to these days. Will list you the common Minoxidil Brand products that are in the market and it’s up to you to decide which is better for you.

What we know about Minoxidil

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Although hair loss is fairly common, it can be a tough thing to live with. Especially when it changes how you look. But there are ways you can treat your hair loss and certain Minoxidil brand products proved to be effective. But before we list the brands, lets talk about minoxidil in general. 

Minoxidil is one of the most common drug treatments for hair loss in the world. It is flexible in that it can be used by both men and woman without a doctor’s prescription. But did you know that before being a hair loss treatment, minoxidil was actually a blood pressure drug? 

Minoxidil is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator medication. In the 1980s, scientists discovered that minoxidil actually showed signs of regrowing hair. They then applied this discovery to produce ROGAINE, the first topical minoxidil brand FDA-approved to regrow hair. However, it is still unclear how does minoxidil grow hair.

Minoxidil comes as a lotion, liquid or foam, normally in a strength of 2% or 5%.  The higher concentration is usually only recommended for use by men and is labelled as Rogaine Extra Strength for Men.

In ROGAINE products, minoxidil delivers results by reactivating your hair’s natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss. People with thinning hair or male/female pattern baldness use it to slow hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Before, rogaine, was just a topical prescription drug, but is now available over-the-counter. No one’s really quite sure how it works, but some scientists think that Rogaine causes hair growth by shortening the resting phase of the hair follicle during its life cycle

Today, the ROGAINE  is the #1 minoxidil brand that most dermatologist recommend for hair loss. 

Minoxidil side effects

Like any medication, serious side effects are always a possibility, and Minoxidil comes with some mild side effects such as, itching and a rash or skin irritation. However if you experience the following you should stop using it and tell your doctor or pharmacist to get help while its still early:


-Difficulty breathing

-Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat

-Dry cough, sharp or stabbing chest pain

-Chest pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling

-Trouble breathing (especially while lying down)

-Swelling in your legs, ankles, or feet

-Rapid weight gain of 5 pounds or more

-Fast or pounding heartbeats

-Sudden numbness

Minoxidil sexual side effects

While sexual side effects relating to minoxidil brand products may not yet be clinically proven, but some men online reported the following:

Smaller and softer penis (when flaccid)

Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection

Loss of morning erection.

Loss of involuntary erections during the day

Inability to get an erection without manual stimulation

The best Minoxidil brand products that most people find effective

Minoxidil is incredibly effective at speeding the rate of hair growth and increasing the volume and thickness of hair in some people. When consistently applied to areas of hair that are thinning, you will experience a boost of growth in that area over a number of months. However, in some people the drug only maintains the existing hair by slowing down the hair shedding. Here is a list of the best minoxidil brand products in the market:

1. Rogaine Men’s Extra strength Solution

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Rogaine is the original Minoxidil product. First released over 20 years ago and tested on over 20,000 people in clinical trials. It s the most trusted brand when it comes to minoxidil brand products. So if you were to try one of Rogaine products, we suggest you start with Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength Solution

2. Kirkland Signature Minoxidil

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Kirkland Signature Minoxidil is a brand that is a very close second to Rogaine. The number one thing that Kirkland has over Rogaine is its price. Both products have the same active ingredient at the same concentrations. Although to get the product to be cheaper some people find the quality of Kirklands to be slightly less than Rogaine’s. And some find it to be slightly more greasy. It also takes a lot longer to dry. However, when it comes down to effectiveness of the treatment Kirkland is just as good as Rogaine. 

3. Nutrastim Anti-Aging Hair Growth Serum for Women 2% Minoxidil

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Female pattern baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss in women. It can be hereditary and may occur due to aging or physical and emotional stress. If not treated right away, hair thinning and bald spots can become highly visible. Nutrastim Anti-Aging Hair Growth Serum is hair loss solution that uses only 2% concentrated Minoxidil. The appropriate and recommended amount to treat women’s baldness. This women treatment promises to prevent baldness and strengthen the hair’s roots. This hair serum is FDA-approved, even for sensitive scalps.

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