Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program Review

Throughout history of Man’s bout against Baldness and Hair Loss, it is already identified that nutrition plays a role in both our scalp and hair’s health. Of course there is more than just malnutrition that leads a person to lose hair. But the most common reason is lack a vitamins and minerals which support normal hair growth. With this comes the endless search for a professional hair growth supplement to grow back lost Hair. While searching for a good supplement, people usually come across some familiar names such as Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program. Well, talking about viviscal, this brand has more to offer than just one type of supplement. It has over 20 types of supplements and they all proved their effectiveness. You can ask Gwyneth Paltrow, or Reese Witherspoon about them, because they revealed to be big fans of these supplements.

Professional hair growth supplements, do they really work?

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program/professional hair growth/viviscal-professional-hair-growth-program-review

If you are loosing your hair and don’t have a health condition, you may want to check your daily diet. There is a big chance you suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals in your system. In this case he best thing you can do is to purchase a

. As you know, these supplement don’t only benefit your hair, but also your skin, nails, and your overall health. But the question is, do these supplements really deliver what they claim to offer? Well, the answer depends on which supplement we’re talking about. 

With so many products out there claiming to be the solution to baldness it is but hard for anyone to know which among these products necessarily work and which do not. To be honest, only few of these supplements really worth our money. The rest is just as good as candy. 

How to choose the best supplement

As not all of us have the luxury to try out every product available in the market, doing the latter is not just costly. It can also be very time-consuming and effort-intensive, even detrimental to health.

Choosing the right vitamins for hair growth should be as specific and meticulous as choosing the right baldness cure medicine. You need to consider a lot of aspects like the following.

-The product should not only target hair fall. It should as much target stimulating the hair follicles and encourage them to maintain existing hair as well as regrow new hair.

It should contain essential vitamins and minerals. These play a significant role not only on the hairs but especially on the scalp. Healthy scalp produces healthy, strong hair.

It should contain DHT blockers. The best hair vitamin should be able to stop DHT so that the hairs continue to grow stronger.

There should be made of all natural ingredients. Plants include Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf, and Pumpkin Seed are the perfect key ingredients when it comes to professional hair growth supplement.

It should also be rated really high on its reviews on websites. Websites like Amazon feature products and allow consumers to comment on them and rate them based on their individual experiences. Which leads us to one of the top rated and celebrity’s favorite supplement Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program/professional hair growth/viviscal-professional-hair-growth-program-reviewHaving hair loss can be stressful for everyone, but you should know that you’re not alone. Millions of people nationwide suffer from hair loss. Unless of course you do something to reverse it. There are many options to help you including treatments like Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program

Viviscal Professional Supplements are a drug-free alternative to prescription treatments that help encourage healthy hair growth for men and women of all hair types. Formulated with the clinically proven ingredients, these twice-a-day tablets nourish thinning hair, strengthening locks from the inside out. The exclusive three ingredients that Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program contains are:

AminoMar C Marine ComplexThis is a blend of both sustainably sourced shark powder and mollusk powder, which seem to be exclusive to Viviscal.

Apple Extract PowderHelps increase hair density, while..

BiotinPromotes existing hair growth, and

Vitamin C: Provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals.


If you were allergic to any fish type, this supplement isn’t suitable for you and might be life threatening.

Directions of use

Viviscal normally works in four stages over a 6-month period, but most users can start to see improvement after only 3-4 months.

Stage 1 (up to month 2): Viviscal works to nourish the hair follicles from within
Stage 2 (months 2 & 3): Viviscal strengthens and promotes the growth of existing hair
3rd Stage (months 4 & 5): Promotes growth of hair where it has temporarily slowed down or stopped. These hairs may be thin or wispy at first, like baby hair.
-In the 6th month the hair becomes stronger, thicker, healthier and more vibrant.

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