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While some of us are suffering from hair loss, some just had it with oily, greasy hair. Both conditions are worst than each other, though. Losing your strands makes you look older than your age, while oily, limp hair just ruins your overall appearance. Instead of fixing the problem, nowadays hair products just make it even worse. Most shampoos end up giving you scalp irritation and bumps and hair falls out eventually. One of the historical shampoos that people really praise on their online reviews is Prell Shampoo Original. I call it historical because this shampoo has been around since my grandma was younger than me. So I thought of giving this shampoo a fair review.

Prell Shampoo Original Formula

Prell Shampoo original/prell/prell-shampoo-original-135oz-review

Before we get to the modern days Prell , lets take a look back on the originality of this historical shampoo. History prell was introduced by Procter & Gamble, of Cincinnati,
Ohio, in 1947. The original formula was a clear green concentrate packaged in a tube in 1955 and was marketed specifically for women. When you type the word Prell shampoo original, you’ll come across some great old shampoo commercials from 60s 70s and 80s. They call it “The Ultra Rich Liquid Shampoo”. Prell was really famous back than and because it’s one of the effective shampoos, it did survive to tell its story to new generations. This only means that it really has something to offer, don’t you think? Maybe if you ask your grandma, she can tell you more about this shampoo than you can find online. 

About Prell ShampooPrell Shampoo original/prell/prell-shampoo-original-135oz-review

Because I don’t know much about this product, I’m basing my review on what I found online. So excuse me
if it kinda looks like a copy/past process. 

Prell Shampoo is an exclusive water-based formula that is designed specifically to leave your hair ultra clean. This ultra-clean shampoo provides a thick, rich lather that gently lifts away daily build-ups such as residue, dirt, oil, and perspiration.

Most shampoos might do it all but can have a negative effects on your scalp such as itchiness, dryness, and irritation. From what I’ve read from most reviewers, Prell doesn’t seem like to have bad side effects. Prell shampoo original comes in a viscous, pearl green shampoo and  conditioner. The product was manufactured by Ultimark Products and it contains a unique ‘rinse clean’

Because of its clarifying formula, it leaves  your hair clean without the use of alcohol which can have a drying effect on hair. It’s also a shampoo that suits all hair types in men and women. I think most people who suffer from excessive oil in the scalp may find this shampoo as a true savior. 

Additional Tips for Oily hair

I’m one of those people who suffer from excessive production of oil which leave a lot of buildups on my scalp. So I always add some homemade tricks to my hair, be it before or while shampooing. The tip that i’m going to give you is very simple and most of you might be familiar with it. 

-While shampooing mix in baking soda with Prell in your hand (or your oily hair shampoo), usually about 60/40 shampoo-to-baking soda.

-Rub it well between your hands ans apply to your hair and scalp.

-Try to give your scalp a gentle massage to help cleans all the buildups. 

Rinse it well and repeat for a second round but without the soda this time.

-For your finale rinse mix a juice of two lemons with water and rinse your hair a scalp. The lemon has the ability to cleanse all the oil and give your hair a natural shine.

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