PHYTOPHANERE Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement Review

Waiting for your hair and nails to grow out long and strong is a painstakingly long process for a lot of us. While there are so many contributors that hurt our locks, whatever the reason, we’re never happy about our hair falling out or breaking off! So, what to do if we want to revers the whole process? Of course some would say, change your shampoo and follow a more healthy diet. Yes, this is all true. A good, natural shampoo can make a difference as well as eating more healthy food. However, you should know that food is not what it used to be 10 or 15 years ago. That ‘s why adding a dietary supplement to improve your hair and nails health can be a smart move. And I have a good one to start with. Read my review about PHYTOPHANÈRE Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement.

This dietary supplement happens to be one of the most purchased vitamin pills on the market. So, here is what we know about these pills.

What do we know about PHYTOPHANÈRE Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement

Hair and Nails/Dietary Supplement/PHYTOPHANÈRE/phytophanere-hair-and-nails-dietary-supplement-review

While searching for a good vitamin, I came across the PHYTOPHANÈRE dietary supplement. One of the most popular vitamin supplements on the market. This vitamin ‘s target is to solve thinning hair and brittle nails issues, according to the manufacturer. It also claims to improve skin health and provide it with more glow and tone.


This dietary supplement is meant to help those of you who suffer from a lack of vitamins. In addition to the small amount of Biotin, which is a very important vitamin for the whole well being, PHYTOPHANÈRE also contains a very interesting group of nourishing key ingredients, including:

Hair and Nails/Dietary Supplement/PHYTOPHANÈRE/phytophanere-hair-and-nails-dietary-supplement-reviewCarrot Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Borage Seed Oil

Fish Oil

Brewers Yeast

Rice Bran Oil

Sun Flower Oil

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Vitamins A B C E

OMEGAS 3 & 6

Vitamin E protects hair & skin against environmental damage, while OMEGAS 3 & 6 increase hair shine and extend the life of each hair cycle. Vitamins B & C promotes healthy hair and nail growth, Pro-Vitamin A helps boost skin’s radiance.

Unlike other supplements that use botanical herbs like horsetail and bamboo extracts to promote hair growth. The ingredients for PHYTOPHANÈRE are all about the use of essential oils

Clinical study

The company tested PHYTOPHANÈRE supplements on 20 volunteers who were experiencing thinning hair. After 90 days of taking the supplement twice a day, they observed the following results:

-90% noticed stronger hair

-95% saw their hair condition improved

The one thing that most people don’t like about this supplement is its high price. It’s a bit pricey, but for how well people find it effective, $50 for one bottle doesn’t sound so bad! And that study proves a lot.

Direction of use

This supplement is supposed to provide you with the necessary vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids to promote healthy hair, skin and nail growth. The suggested use on PHYTOPHANÈRE is to take two caplets once a day or over a four month period in order to see results. Remember, with any hair supplement, you can’t expect to see results in a week, and you have to continue using it consistently for the recommended time. As I mentioned before, it ‘s easy to lose hair, but it takes loger time to restore its health. Hair is like money, you earn them after a hard work, but end up spending them, effortlessly 4 days after your paycheck. Not fair, I know!

Additional infos

-Take two caplets once a day, preferably in the morning.

-For best results use for 4 months.

-PHYTO recommends using twice a year- Spring and Fall, when hair sheds more because of changes in the season and weather.

-Phytophanere is paraben, sulfate and phthalate free. It also has a very low amount of calories: only 4.5 per pill!

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