Maximum Strength Hair Regrowth Serum review

If you have thinning hair or beginning to experience hair loss, you may be anxious to find the best hair growth products. Unfortunately, the market is full of bogus product that will harm you more than doing you good. Dealing with hair loss is unbearable, but dealing with fake products is worse. Many people just give up after loosing lot of money on famous brands and names. Unlike before, companies now started to make real natural, effective shampoos, serums and conditioners for hair loss.  Today’s review is about Maximum Strength Hair Regrowth Serum. This serum is a potent hair regrowth system that includes DHT blockers to prevent further hair loss. But is it really as it claims to be? Read on to find more about this hair regrowth serum

All you wanted to know about hair regrowth serum

maximum strength hair regrowth serum/hair regrowth serum/maximum-strength-hair-regrowth-serum-review

When hair serum hit the market, it was almost like a magic potion for all those who had been battling with dry and frizzy hair. Hair serums can reduce frizz, and add shine, flexibility and strength to your locks. It is truly the magic portion for most of us. Hair serums work typically for people with dry, wavy or curly hair. However, the best way to see whether or not hair serum is right for you is to simply try it. While some serums work on hydrating and protecting your locks from damage, some work as hair regrowth serum for people with thin, weak hair. These  will help nourish and stimulate hair follicles to grow healthier and stronger hair. 

The liquid does transform your hair from dull and rough to shiny and manageable in a matter of seconds! Unlike coconut oil, which penetrates the cuticle, hair serum, which is silicon based only coats the surface of your hair. People recommend using hair serums in different ways. You can use it pre-wash, post-wash or post style, but people mostly use it post style to give hair shine and protect it from heat and styling tools. 

Consider your options before buying a hair regrowth serum

maximum strength hair regrowth serum/hair regrowth serum/maximum-strength-hair-regrowth-serum-review

-Check the labels and compare the hair serums to find one that fits your hair needs. There are different types of hair serum you can use depending on your hair type and preference.

-Make sure you consult a good stylist or hair expert before choosing one.

-Avoid using your fingertips to spread the serum. Instead, serum should be spread evenly through the hair with a paddle brush.

-While the hair serum doesn’t bring out any side-effects, keep in mind that serums contain silicon, which is bad in the long run.

-When you find out that your serum is causing dryness to your hair, stop using it. Even though stylists claim that this happens only for certain types of hair.

-For best results, use a good shampoo and conditioner which suit your hair type. Avoid using harsh chemical treatments. Better yet if it was the same brand as your serum. Products from the same brand work in harmony as they usually contain the same formula. 

Maximum Strength Hair Regrowth Serum

maximum strength hair regrowth serum/hair regrowth serum/maximum-strength-hair-regrowth-serum-reviewThis serum is a potent hair regrowth system that includes DHT blockers to prevent further hair loss, increase hair thickness and shine, and aid weak follicles in regrowing hair. The proprietary formula includes Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, and an organic red clover extract.

  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 is a proven DHT blocker even more potent than products such as Minoxidil.
  • Red clover extract is rich in Biochanin A, which also helps inhibit testosterone conversion into DHT, and support healthy hair growth.

Though Maximum Strength Hair Regrowth Serum is effective by itself, using it with the shampoo and conditioner by the same brand will give you better results.

If you’re looking for a great DHT-blocking solution that’s more effective than minoxidil and almost half the price, this product by Beauty Facial Extreme is a great place to start.

Direction of use

-Apply 1 full dropper of maximum strength hair regrowth serum directly onto the scalp after you’ve washed your hair and apply the serum while your hair is still damp.

-Then massage the serum into your scalp and style or blow-dry your hair as you normally would.

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