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While there are myriad products designed to fight hair loss, it can sometimes be hard to tell which methods to trust and which to toss. Specially that most of these product may only make your hair’s condition worse. Made of nothing but chemicals and harmful compounds, some products just suck the life outta your locks. Luckily, there are companies that make natural, organic shampoos and conditioners. And also, there are some really effective DIY home recipes that will help you with hair regrowth. Simple, easy and yet effective. 

Why is my hair getting worse?


This is a good question. Although the answer is pretty obvious, but we still need someone to remind us. Most of what makes our hair look limp, damaged, lifeless and weak is us. Our daily styling, eating, and hair routine cares are what’s wrong with our locks. Hair is like plant and flowers. If you don’t nourish and protect it and just leave it there in the sun or cold it will stop its regrowth and will eventually die. The same thing happens to our stresses. Luckily, our hair is stronger than plant and can be saved ones we take care of it. If you want long, strong and healthy strands there are methods to follow.

How to fight hair loss

If you were serious about saving your locks, the following daily routines to fight hait loss won’t seem so hard to you. 

Eat wellhair-regrowth

First of all, you have to start with your inside. What most people don’t know is that everything we eat–be it healthy or not- affects our hair. For example, people who like greasy food mostly have oily hair. Other who drink lots of water have shinny, healthy hair, and so. That’s why the first thing to start with is your diet. Eat a little from everything in one balanced meal. Try to mix, iron, zinc, Vitamines A, B, C, and D, Omega3, and Biotin in all your meals. And o forget to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. 

hair-regrowthStay away from chemicals and styling tools

Chemical treatments, use of heat appliances and vigorous styling can actually affect the hair root and damage your hair. What those tools and dyes do to the hair is heartbreaking. They strip our stresses from the natural, protective oils. Unfortunately, some of us can’t go without using them everyday. If you really care for your hair, avoid the use of those and try to air dry your hair. Also, cut down on dying your hair every month and leave it natural. Trust me, you’ll notice big difference. 

hair-regrowthWash your hair two to three times a week, max

Washing hair every day is a mistake, no matter how much you might crave clean-feeling locks. Your hair’s natural oils are designed to condition and protect your tresses, so when you shampoo daily, it strips these vital oils away. It creates a vicious cycle of over-production of oils and a need to shampoo very often. Ideally, to keep your hair healthy, you only need to wash two to three times a week, max.

hair-regrowthMassage your scalp to encourage circulation

Giving your head an invigorating massage as you shampoo is a good way to encourage blood circulation and helps to detoxify the scalp. In addition, massaging your scalp while shampooing with a natural shampoo allows its ingredients to get into your hair follicles. Specially if you live the shampoo on for 2/3 minutes for the roots to absorbe all the good minerals from  your shampoo. Also try to massage your scalp and hair with some essential oils and extracts like argan, rosemary, coconut or amla oil. These oils are very nutrient and leave the hair shinny and easy to manage after wash.   

Brush your hair twice a day, from the bottom up

Healthy hair needs regular brushing but don’t tear through your fight hair loss/hair-regrowthlocks mindlessly. For perfectly shiny, healthy and untangled hair, you need to brush your hair twice a day. Once in the morning and once before going to bed, for about a minute each time. Don’t be rough with your hair: treat it nicely and it will repay you by looking healthy and shiny. Also try to brush it starting with the bottom. Brushing from the roots causes damage – always brush from the bottom and work up.

wide-tooth-brush-hair-regrowthUse a wide tooth wood comb

Fine comb can hurt the delicate new growth and also cause abrasions on your scalp. Where as wide tooth
wood comb are more gentle on your hair and scalp. Wide tooth comb also provide massaging effect and help distribute sebum (natural oil) from the scalp to hair. So If you want healthy mane, then discard the fine/sharp tooth plastic comb and replace it with a wide tooth wood comb.

Help your hair regrowth with these hair-nourishmen-hair-regrowthremedies

Whether you’ve just noticed hair shedding or hair thinning it’s sign that your locks are in need of nourishment. You can fight hair loss and stimulate regrowth by applying simple and effective ingredients. When you add these recipes to your hair care routine, you will notice the difference within two weeks:

DIY masks for dry, doll and frizzy hair 

Here some for easy DIY hair masks made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen:

Avocadoavocado/hair growth

Avocado has a well-deserved reputation for one of nature’s perfect foods. Its oils and proteins will smooth and moisturize your locks without weighing down fine hair.

Mash up half an avocado and add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil. Shampoo hair, squeeze out water and apply mask. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Coconut Oilcoconut-oil-hair-regrowth

The wonders of coconut oil never cease! This oil is heavy, which is great for penetrating deep into the hair shaft, but use it sparingly, especially if you have fine or thin hair.

Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply to the ends of damp hair. Got really dry hair? Keep the oil on overnight and shampoo out in the morning. It will not only make your hair soft, but also shinny and easy to manage. 

Banana + Olive Oilolive oil/hair regrowth

Not only can bananas work their magic on your feet, but they are awesome for your hair!


Mix a banana with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mash thoroughly until you get a smoothie like texture. Then massage into your hair and scalp. Leave treatment on for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly and shampoo.

DIY  hair regrowth masks for oily hair

Oily hair and scalp can lead to a lot of hair troubles. Oily hairs naturally attract pollutants and dirt from the environment, making your hairs not only dull and lifeless but also limp looking. Therefore, oily hair is the type of hair that needs special hair care routine. DIY, with these simple ingredients:

Rosewater And Banking Soda

  1. First of all, you need to mix baking soda (1 tablespoon) with adequate quantity of rosewater to rose water/hair-regrowthcreate a grainy paste.
  2. Then, rub this paste into the scalp.
  3. Keep on for around 5-8 minutes and afterwards wash off using plenty of plain water.
  4. This solution can show you instant results in curbing the excess oil of your scalp while clearing it in the best manner. This mask also helps with hair regrowth and a good recipe to fight hair loss

Lemon And Aloe Veralemon juice/hair-regrowth

  1. First of all, take freshly prepared aloe vera pulp (2 tablespoons), mix it with lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and then apply to your hairs and scalp.
  2. Allow the pack to set in for fifteen minutes and after that wash off by using plain water.

Lemon, Egg White And Essential Oil

  1. Separate the white of one egg, add lemon juice eggs-hair-regrowth(2 teaspoons) to it and essential oils (a few drop) likelavender or rosemary.
  2. Now mix all of the ingredients well and then apply to the hairs and scalp.
  3. Leave on for twenty minutes and wash off using a mild shampoo in order to get oil free hair and scalp.

Henna And Black Tea

  1. Prepare one strong black tea concoction and next add it to henna-how-to-stop-losing-hairhenna powder (2 tablespoons) to make a thick and smooth paste.
  2. hen, apply this paste to the scalp and hairs as well and let it dry.
  3. Wash off by using plain water afterwards.

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