Hair Lab Shampoo for Hair Regrowth review

Hair Lab Shampoo for Hair Loss Hair Regrowth and Thinning Hair. Organic Ingredients. DHT Blockers, Caffeine, Argan Oil. Suitable for All Hair Types. Sulfate-Free. (8 ounce) from Hair Lab

The majority of people will have to deal with hair loss or hair shedding at some point in their lives. It is devastating but very true. The common question we always ask is how to replace this with hair regrowth? The type of hair shedding can vary from a person to an other and from a men to a women. Many factors can lead to hair shedding but the good news is, there are always ways to prevent, treat, encourage hair regrowth or at least reduce the hair shedding. One of the ways that can help deal with hair shedding is using organic 100% natural based hair products. This method has proved to be effective, however, it’s finding the right harmless product that matter. The right shampoo can make a large difference. But the first step is to understand what causes hair loss. 


Dealing with hair shedding

Many awful stuff can happen to your hair, no growth, slow growth, hair shedding, thinning hair. Whatever the name and the characteristics of the condition are, one thing is certain, you don’t want any of it. The key to finding the solution is always finding the problem and its cause. It is very easy to treat your hair shedding once you know what causes it. People may have different hair types and different factors that cause them lose their hair. Here are the most common hair loss triggers in men and women:

  • Genes
  • Hormones
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Chemotherapy medication
  • Birth control pills
  • Stress
  • Thyroid
  • scalp infections
  • Lupus
  • Poor diet
  • Clogged follicles
  • Excessive hair styling

These may be the reasons to losing hair. However, hair loss in these cases may be reversible and treatable. First, you have to treat the cause than you can treat your hair loss. With the help of many vitamins, supplements and hair loss shampoos, people may regrow back their hair and keep strong and more healthy strands. All you have to do is aim towards the right product. 

hair regrowth formula/hair-lab-shampoo-hair-regrowthHair Lab Shampoo for Hair Loss Hair Regrowth and Thinning Hair with caffeine and argan oil

What are the Ingredients good for?


According to a new study, caffeine doesn’t just perk up your brain neurons in the morning, it makes your hair grow faster too. The International Journal of Dermatology has found that caffeine stimulates the hair shaft and helps it grow faster by blocking the effects of DHT, a chemical known to damage follicles. Other Studies from the university clinic in Jena prove that caffeine penetrates the hair roots, thereby protecting the hair from negative testosterone impacts and stimulates hair regrowth.

Argan Oil:

Is a recently discovered medicinal plant oil from Morocco. This ingredients has so many benefits not just for hair but for the whole body. Today, many cosmetic companies specially in the US begun using Argan oil as a primary ingredient to making their beauty products. Argan is considered one of the best active plants to help stop hair shedding and produce healthy hair regrowth. This nutritious healing oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, and is packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.


A vitamin of the B complex, found in egg yolk, liver, and yeast. It is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose. The most interesting vitamin in nourish beauté’s vitamin shampoos is biotin. It unblocks clogged follicles and stimulates shafts. It’s especially effective at helping women’s hair regrowth. As women are more prone to biotin deficiency than men, especially after pregnancy. 

Nettle leaf: 

Nettle has been used medicinally for ages specially by Ancient Greece & Native Americans. Most stinging nettle products are made from the stem and leaves, but the roots also have medical qualities. Nettle is one of the oldest hair loss treatment remedies.

Saw palmetto

traditional herb used by Native Americans to treat prostate problems and to reverse balding. Scientists are still trying to figure out how it works, but they think it inhibits DHT– a side product of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles.

Benefits of using this shampoo

  • Hair shedding/hair-lab-shampoo-hair-regrowthCleanse Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp: DHT is the primary cause of hair loss in both men and women. Therefore, any avenue that seeks to reduce its prevalence will ultimately lead to reduced hair loss. Hair Lab Shampoo for hair regrowth contains substances that reduce the scalp’s DHT level.
  • Improve circulation in the scalp: Within the scalp is an extensive network of blood supply that provides hair follicles with the requisite nutrient to grow. This shampoo contain ingredients such as caffeine and argan oil that helps improve the circulation in the scalp.
  • Improve hair appearance:  The primary reason why you should try this shampoo is to guard against hair loss. While this shampoo excel in this regard, it also has an added perk of improving the appeal/appearance of hair.
  • Thicken hairs that are thinning: Part of the appeal and evidence of healthy hair regrowth is the thickness of the hair strands. Hair Lab Shampoo works as a thickening agent that improves hair health in general.

More informations about the product

This shampoo contains NO MIXODIL. However, it contains an organic proprietary blend of DHT blockers that penetrate deep into the follicles and shaft of the hair to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth. This is a Sulfate-free formula that is gentle on the hair and scalp while still powerfully working to improve scalp and hair conditions. It contains No Parabens and is not tested on animals.

Hope this review was a good help for you in choosing the right shampoo for hair shedding and hair regrowth. Until we meet again, stay healthy and stay happy. 

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for more reviews and articles on hair loss.

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