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Hair Illusion Natural Hair FibersHair Illusion is a safe, topical cosmetic hair loss treatment that can instantly and naturally conceal thin or balding hair. Unlike other hair building fibers though, Hair Illusion uses only 100% natural human hair. It can’t stop you from balding, but it can conceal thin or bald
hair naturally.

Before we talk about Hair Illusion, let’s take a look on what causes hair loss in men & women.

What Causes Thinning Hair & Balding?

Balding is Depressing. It’s a symptom. which means there can be dozens of causes that lead to it. This includes vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, some medications, too much stress, pregnancy and even how you style your hair. But overall, the primary cause of hair loss is related to genetics, also known as male and female pattern baldness.

In both of these cases, a hormone known as dihydro-testosterone (DHT) “attacks” hair follicles. Which causes them to produce thinner & weaker hair with each passing growth cycle.

Eventually, these follicles stop producing hair altogether.

For more informations about male & female pattern baldness and its causes,

 Male Pattern Hair Loss

Fortunately, here is where Hair Illusion comes in. Let’s see how it works

Details And Tips About Using Hair Illusion

What Is Hair Illusion?

Developed by Ronnie Passariello due to his own battle with hair loss, Hair Illusion is a safe, topical cosmetic hair loss treatment that can instantly and naturally conceal thin or balding hair. It can be used by men and women of all ages, regardless of your race, hair color, hair type, or level of balding. Can also be used as facial hair.

Don’t be fooled by the price. Less expensive hair fibers are only using 12-15g bottle. Hair Illusion is a 38g bottle of 100% natural human hair.

Nothing looks more natural than human hair. You can’t fake real hair with synthetic fibers made with cotton and rayon like other products do.  We guarantee you will be amazed with the natural look.

How Do i Use It?

With all the money pouring into hair loss research, the answer is simple and comes in a can.

All you have to do is spend 1-5 minutes applying Hair Illusion all over your bald spots and then go about your day. Just follow the Instructions in the back of the bottle.

  • Apply Hair Illusion Fibers on clean and dry scalp. takes just minutes.
  • Apply where you need it, bald thinning spots.
  • Do Not Brush Or Comb as it is not your hair. It is a cosmetic cure. Not permanent. It will wash out when you shower.
  • Be careful not to rub the product too much or lean the covered portion of your head against things (i.e.-walls, pillows, etc…).
  • Hair Illusion can last 2 days, just sleep with a doo rag.
  • It works well on the scalp, the product doesn’t run down or drip while sweating.
  • One Bottle Will Last About 30-45 uses depending on the size of the spot and use.
  • It sprinkles on like a salt shaker. Good for covering spots not good for completely bald head.
  • These types of fibers are generally recommended for those with thinning hair on the top and back of their head. it’s extremely difficult to create a realistic-looking hairline, if thinning is occurring in front.
  • Hair Illusion is available in eight “true” colors, including jet black, black, dark brown, brown, light brown, auburn, blonde, and light blonde.

What Do Costumers Think Of This Cosmetic Product?

While some will love Hair Illusion, others will find that it doesn’t look good on them, doesn’t match with their lifestyle or a whole host of other reasons.

The common compliments stated that Hair Illusion was easy to use, remained in place well, and that it was more natural looking than other products.

On the other hand, common complaints on Amazon seemed to center around other products working better, with a lower price than Hair Illusion, but the fibers easily fall out.


Remember that these hair fibers are only a temporary solution, and will not actually address your hair loss like medications such as Rogaine and Propecia.

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