Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hair Conditioning Shampoo Review

When it comes to hair loss, it is an equal embarrassment for both men and women.  No matter what age you are at, you can always expect hair thinning and shedding at a certain point. However, unlike old days, hair loss is treatable and can be stopped with simple solutions. Thanks to some trust worthy cosmetic companies, hair loss product are everywhere on the market. It is a matter of choosing the right, effective one for you, though. It may seem hard to trust a product for your hair, but doing some online research will help  you decide. Before you purchase a certain product, read what reviewers think about it. Today I’m going to review Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hair Conditioning Shampoo. While looking for information about a good anti-hair loss shampoo, many reviewers recommended this shampoo for me. So, lets get to know what this shampoo is made of, shall we?

Hair loss overview (Pattern baldness)

dermaheal cosmeceuticals hair conditioning shampoo/ hair conditioning shampoo/dermaheal-cosmeceuticals-hair-conditioning-shampoo-review

There are several reasons for hair loss, but by far the most common cause is female/male pattern baldness. This type of baldness is more common in individuals of Caucasian aboriginal backgrounds, than Asians and Africans. Usually the hair loss begins at the forehead with a receding hair line, then a bald patch may develop at the back or crown of the head. In women, they tend to lose hair on the crown of the head and it can rarely develop into a complete baldness. This type of hair loss is usually due to heredity. Meaning, if one of your parents have it, you are more likely to have it at some point of your life. Now this type of hair loss is usually hard to treat. But you can prevent it before it starts, or at least, slow the process from developing. 

Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hair Conditioning dermaheal cosmeceuticals hair conditioning shampoo/ hair conditioning shampoo/dermaheal-cosmeceuticals-hair-conditioning-shampoo-reviewShampoo

Talking of trust worthy hair loss product, Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hair Conditioning Shampoo claims to offer a lot. This hair conditioning shampoo is widely recommended by and is a regular choice amongst lots of people. With so many products on offer right now, it is wise to have a make you can recognise.

The makers of this shampoo claim that it is an effective remedy for male and female pattern baldness. And that it also safely and effectively helps with thinning hair as well as actual hair loss in men and women. The main goal of this product is to help stop hair shedding and stimulate hair follicles to produce healthy, new hair.


Some of the main ingredients in dermaheal cosmeceuticals hair conditioning shampoo are:

  • Henna leaf extractHenna is a natural herbal powder which people mostly use to color hair. But it also helps prevent dandruff and nourishes the scalp and hair by making it smooth and healthy. Henna acts as a good conditioner for hair and helps it grow faster.
  • Thuja Orientalis Extract: The seeds and the leaves of this plant can produce essential oils. People allover Asia usez it to treat hair loss and scalp problems. This plant is useful for increasing hair count, even when compared to minoxidil. 

Directions of use

dermaheal cosmeceuticals hair conditioning shampoo/ hair conditioning shampoo/dermaheal-cosmeceuticals-hair-conditioning-shampoo-review

No matter how safe your shampoo and conditioner are, daily shampooing is not a healthy habit. When you concentrate on growing your hair, you should also think of the natural oils in your scalp. When you wash your locks everyday, you will leave it vulnerable to dryness and external damages. Because the natural oils in our scalp is to protect the hair as a coating against environmental damages. When applying this hair conditioning shampoo following these simple, healthy steps:

-Wet hair and apply enough shampoo to your hands, rub shampoo between your hands and massage it into  your scalp and hair.

-Gently massaging your scalp for about 3 minutes will allow the ingredients to deeply reach the roots.

-Than leave it to set for about 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.-Repeat as needed, although using your shampoo twice is more than enough.

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