Bosley Bos-Revive Volumizing Conditioner Review

When it comes to hair care product that people trust the most. Bosley comes in first as the hair loss restoration company that worth the praise. This company has been around since 1974 and has a remarkable history over the years. The company is also a world leader in hair transplant surgery and has over 70 offices all over the world. While most bosley products are worth talking about, today we’re reviewing Bosley Bos-Revive Volumizing Conditioner that most people don’t know much about.

Bosley Bos-Revive volumizing conditioner

While the leading cause of thin, damaged hair is poor nutrition and daily care, using the right natural products could completely reverse the situation. Talking about natural products, not all of them are actually what they claim to be. Most of the famous brands we see on commercials are full of chemicals that will damage the hair even deeper. Only few brands out there are really worth our trust. Bosley hair care products are one of those brands. With its remarkably Volumizing Conditioner and shampoo collection, this company seems like a good deal for us. But what really makes these products worth the money?

Bosly volumizing conditioner: Does it really work?

Before you rub any type of ointment or shampoo into your scalp, it’s a good idea to take a look at:

Your hair type

Reviewer’s opinions

The production company

The product’s ingredients

Bosley Bos-Revive Volumizing Conditioner/Volumizing Conditioner/bosley-bos-revive-volumizing-conditioner-reviewWhen it comes to thinning hair, the problem can usually be addressed by approaching the situation from a variety of angles. One of the most important parts of the strategy will be to use a shampoo and conditioner set that is specifically designed for this problem. Because Bosley Bos-Revive Volumizing Conditioner is gaining a lot of praise from most reviewers, it makes us believe it’s worth a try. Specially when you take a look at the main ingredients. This Volumizing Conditioner that moisturizes and strengthens the hair contains: 

-Pentapeptides: To help stimulate the production of root-strengthening keratin protein. Normally used in anti-wrinkle creams, this ingredient stimulates collagen production. New research indicates that lack of collagen could be one reason why aging skin follicles stop producing hair. 

Saw Palmetto: In the early 2000’s, saw Palmetto started appearing in hair loss prevention products.  Bosley claims that its LifeXtend blend outperforms competing saw Palmetto shampoos and conditioners. 

-Doesn’t Contain Sulfates: Products that contain sulfates tend to lather better compared to non-sulfate products. When your product doesn’t lather, it doesn’t mean it’s less effective. 

What you gain from using Bosley Bos-Revive Volumizing Conditioner

For individuals that are experiencing thin hair, using this conditioner can be very beneficial. It will definitely improve the overall health of the hair and scalp and it will help to give their hair the ability to provide more cover. This conditioner also has the added benefit of helping to maintain coloring. Hair coloring can be a factor in damaging the hair and scalp and being able to reduce the number of treatments that you get can be an effective way to limit the impact of coloring. 

The claims of this product are very simple and straightforward. It helps to improve the health of the hair and scalp to effectively reduce the hair loss and it can improve the appearance of the hair by making it thicker. The Volumizing Conditioner infuses the hair with volume and vitality, adds  thicker look to hair that is thinning visibly. And it also increases shine to hair while smoothening it out.

The best way to use this conditioner is to massage it into clean, wet hair. Let it set for 5 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

The label says it is safe for daily use. However, it is best to use it 2 to 3 times a week. As too much hair wash can dry out your strands.

If you have split ends apply some of the product on them during each wash

Better to use with the shampoo from the same brand.

The conditioner gives a tingling sensation when rubbed on the scalp which benefits the overall health of the hair and scalp. 

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