Argan Oil Secrets And Health Benefits



Argan oil also referred to as “liquid gold”  is extracted from the fruit of the Argan that  grows on argan tree. Grows specifically in Morocco. Moroccans use argan oil for so many daily uses not just as a beauty ingredient, but they also use it in cooking  and bread dipping. The Argan nut contains a large amount of secrets and benefits.

Holding a bottle of argan oil in your hand might seem easy and effortless, but I doubt you know about the process of extracting it from the nut.

  • After picking up the nuts, women- who usually work in cooperatives,  hand-crack the fruits in between two stones, before extracting the oil from the raw Argan kernels using  some kind of stone grinder, this ancient technique is a much healthier way than using machines. this process may take a women three days to only extract one litre of Argan. no wonder  Argan oil is so valuable and expensive.

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Argan Oil Secrets And Benefits

Argan oil has become increasingly popular for cosmetic uses. Since 2007, many cosmetic companies specially in the US begun using this oil as a primary ingredient to making their beauty products. Argan is gaining the trust of so many satisfied costumers over the years. 

Adding only few drops of oil to your daily facial toner can help hydrate and tone your skin and give it a glowing look.

Use Argan to hydrate your hair after shower, specially if you have a thin, dry and weak hair. Would be better to use it on wet hair. After few uses you will notice a surprising improvement on your Tufts.



  • smoothen and moisturize your lips. Mix few drops of argan and vanilla extract with brown sugar & rub the mixture gently on your lips for few seconds  in a circular motion and wash it off. Put a good amount of oil on your feet to nourish cracked heels and toes. Cover your feet with socks, you will feel good about the results the next morning.
  • Massage your hands with few drops of Argan Oil to help  strengthen your nails. Trust me, this is very effective.
  • spoil your body with a relaxing oil bath by mixing few drops of argan oil with your body lotion.
  •  Argan has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns.

I can go on and on about this magnificent ingredient. And i’m sure that the upcoming years will unveil even more health and beauty benefits of argan oil. And of course we’ll keep you updated about anything new.

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