Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment

Among all types of hair loss, Alopecia areata (A.A) is the most critic one. During this medical condition the patient loses hair in round patches. In some cases, total baldness develops. In many cases, the hair re-grows, typically after several months. However, in rare cases, the hair loss is permanent. Treatment for alopecia areata works in some cases. If medicines don’t treat the condition or have side effects, a person can also find an effective alopecia areata natural treatment. These treatments can be gentle on the skin and yet effective. 

What is alopecia areata?

alopecia areata natural treatment/alopecia-areata-natural-treatment

Alopecia means loss of hair or baldness. The hair can fall out on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. There are several different causes and patterns of alopecia. This medical condition can cause different types of hair loss. Each of these types has a different name:

  • Alopecia areata (hair loss in patches).
  • Alopecia totalis (lose all hair on the scalp).
  •  A.universalis (lose all hair on the body).

Not everyone loses all of the hair on the scalp or body, though. This happens to about 5 percent of treatment for alopecia areata/alopecia-areata-natural-treatmentpeople. Alopecia areata can occur at any age but most cases first develop in teenagers and children. At least half of the people with alopecia areata develop their first patch of hair loss before they are 21. Males and females are equally affected. The condition tends to be milder when it first develops at an older age. 

As is the case for many disease states that the medical establishment cannot explain, it is claimed that alopecia is an autoimmune disease. As known about autoimmune diseases, they make the body mistakenly attack itself by destroying, not only bad cells but also healthy ones. The same thing happens during A.A, the body attacks all hair cells in the body causing it to lose all hair in large patches. This hair loss is usually more noticeable on the scalp and beard.  

Treatment for alopecia areata


Alopecia areata is a very unpredictable condition. In many cases, bald patches re-grow by themselves without treatment. In particular, if there are just one or two small bald patches then many doctors would advise that you simply leave it alone at first. This is sometimes called watchful waiting. If the hair loss is not too bad then there is a good chance that your hair will re-grow after several months. Though, blood tests may be necessary if the dermatologist thinks the patient might have another autoimmune disease.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for alopecia areata. Hair often re-grows on its own. Treatment for alopecia can help the hair re-grow more quickly. A dermatologist may prescribe one or more of the following to help the hair re-grow more quickly:


This medicine suppresses the immune system. It can be given as shots, with the dermatologist injecting the medicine into the places with hair loss.


A hair re-growth medicine, minoxidil 5%, may help some patients re-grow their hair. Both children and adults can use it. Patients apply it twice a day to the scalp, brows, or beard.


This medicine alters the skin’s immune function. The patient applies a tar-like substance to the skin and leaves it on for 20 to 60 minutes. However, if it’s not washed after the mentioned time it may cause skin irritation. 

Diphencyprone (DPCP)

This medicine is applied to the bald skin. It causes a small allergic reaction. When the reaction occurs, a patient has redness, swelling, and itching. Dermatologists believe this allergic reaction tricks the immune system, causing it to send white blood cells to the surface of the scalp. It also keeps the hair follicles awake to avoid further hair loss. Though, the results with this medicine appear after three months of treatment.

Note: alopecia itself won’t damage your general health and so not treating will not lead to any general health problems. When considering any treatment for alopecia choices, you should take into account the possible side-effects that some of the treatments may have. Also, treatments promote hair to re-grow and do not affect or cure the underlying cause of the condition. Also, remember to use sunblock or a hat to protect bald patches when out in the sun.

Alopecia areata natural treatment

Actually, the world of science has not yet found the specific solution for alopecia areata. However, certain Vitamins and Supplements can be taken to promote hair growth. However, while taking vitamins a person can find the effective alopecia areata natural treatment. There’s always a certain homemade alopecia areata natural treatment that will help you re-grow hair where it was lost. Here are the top natural treatments for alopecia:

alopecia-areata-natural-treatmentOnion juice

According to the study featured in the Journal of Dermatology, onion juice is indeed an effective remedy for alopecia. One must extract the onion juice and apply it onto the scalp twice a day. The study surmises that this natural method can accelerate hair regrowth after two weeks.

alopecia-areata-natural-treatmentEssential Oils

On the other hand, essential Oils like Carrier and Cedarwood are seen to be of help in curing this medical condition. The patient can apply one of these oils onto these scalp while giving it a gentle massage with fingertips. Fortunately, essential oils do not have any adhere side effects; however, these may cause allergies in some patients.Unlike onion juice, these oils may take to seven months to re-grow hair. 

alopecia-areata-natural-treatmentAloe Vera  

This plant is highly stimulating in nature and dramatically increases circulation of the blood to any area of the body, but is particularly effective in terms of promoting scalp development and recovery. You can apply Aloe Vera gel liberally to your scalp, as it has very few side effects, but many health benefits if absorbed by the skin.

alopecia-areata-natural-treatmentChinese Hibiscus

Mix the petals of the hibiscus flower with some dandelion oil and apply it to the scalp. This alopecia areata natural treatment is very effective in maintaining the health of the hair when it has not fallen out, such as eliminating split ends and improving volume and luster. But it also stimulates the rejuvenation of hair follicles in the case of Alopecia.

alopecia-areata-natural-treatment Green Tea

Dipping a cloth into green tea and wiping or dabbing the bare patches of your scalp can be very effective as a treatment for Alopecia areata. The catechins, saponins, and general antioxidants present in green tea can stimulate the regeneration of healthy cells on the scalp and eliminate any free radicals beneath the surface of the skin that may be causing the hair loss.

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